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Devotional – February 14, 2018

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Read : Exodus 3

Thoughts from: Chris Ghubril

Moses had made a new life for himself in the land of Midian after having an identity crisis back in Egypt. He found a wife and was doing fine in the grind of life. In Exodus 3, he comes across the weirdest of anomalies, a bush on fire that wasn’t burning. God calls out to Moses, showing His kindness and compassion to His hurting people by sending him to Egypt to liberate His people.

Moses’ first response was “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh?” Moses is still in the midst of his identity crisis. He is ethnicity Hebrew, culturally raised Egyptian, and married into a Midian family. This tricultural man was lost and didn’t know where he fit in the grand scheme of God’s epic story.

Little did Moses know but the very things that caused him a personal crisis were designed by God to make him into His mouthpiece to two different people groups.

God comforts this confused man by promising to be with him. God’s nearness in the midst of confusion empowers this man to take bold steps of faith and be a part of God’s redemptive story for His people.

It is only fitting that a man in the midst of an identity crisis would want reassurance in God’s identity and strength. That is when God responds in the most self aware and no room for a shadow of a doubt way, “I AM WHO I AM”. There is no being more confident in all of creation than the creator Himself. Moses in his confusion now has a solid rock to stand on. He may be weak but God is strong. The nearness of the Almighty drives this confused man to change history. Redemption is in play.

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