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Devotional – March 11, 2018

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Read : Matthew 6:25-34

Thoughts from: Val Edwards

So, who doesn’t succumb to worry, ever?  We all struggle in this area, some more than others.  BUT, the questions asked in these verses do beg scrutiny and understanding.

Does it do any good to wonder, worry, or writhe in trying to figure out how to add days, weeks, months, even years to our lives?

In addition, I confess that I have more than pondered over what to wear and/or eat/drink.  What does this say about what I believe?  On whom am I depending?  Well, when it comes to clothes and food, it’s probably myself.  BIG mistake on my part—accusing God of being a liar—that He is not capable of handling all my needs!

As a small girl, I never thought about such things.  My own dear parents knew just what I needed in the way of clothes and food.  My parents knew that a pony was not a wise choice, despite my pleading.  Did I feel less loved?  NO! Their love was the wise love that I would eventually find in God.  How and when do you trust God to take care of your worries, struggles, illnesses, temptations, stress, and pain?  For me it begins with asking for His help, His peace that passes understanding and for His wisdom.  And, all of this is just for today, for there is enough going on in my life that my energy reserve is what God gives me and tomorrow there will be just what He wants me to have.  What He wants is for us to look to Him for everything, each and every day.

Dearest Heavenly Father, Thank you for drawing us into your loving arms each morning; hold us close as the world swirls around us, tugging us away from You.  “Let the light of your face shine on us…fill my heart with joy.” Psalm 4:6b-7a

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