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A Fresh New Look

You may have been noticing some changes around the church campus lately! Mike has been working hard to make the youth building a more useful and effective space for youth group, and a new coat of paint in the lobby and offices has freshened up the main building. As part of this process, you may know that the mural in the lobby is going away, to be replaced with an accent wall that proclaims the mission and vision of NWBC: “Connecting our Community to Christ”. We believe this welcoming and inviting design will make it clear to those who are checking us out what we’re really all about. Before retiring as our pastor, John Miller knew that this change was going to be taking place and agreed that the new accent wall would be a great way to share the mission and vision of our church. In his sermon about the woman at the well, Pastor John said that the Samaritan woman was, in essence, connecting her community to Christ. Now instead of sharing that through a painting, we’re sharing that with words.

For those of you who find special significance in the mural, we want to make a high-res, digital photo available to you, similar to the large framed photo that now hangs in the lobby. This framed photo in the lobby explains the story behind the mural and the significance of it for many long-time members of NWBC. Without that, many regular attenders had no idea of the mural’s story, so we believe that the new print┬ápays homage to the mural that decorated our lobby for so many years.

You are welcome to download this high-res photo and print it yourself or have it printed and framed in your home. To download the image, click on it below to open it in full size, then right-click on the image and choose “save as” to save it to your computer.

Downloadable Mural Photo


Click on the photo to open it in full-size. Then right-click and choose “save as” to save it to your computer.

Many thanks to Catherine Strickland for taking this photo, and Mo Gaul at Mo’s Gallery for framing the photo in the lobby.

If you have questions about accessing the photo, call the church office at 544-7775. If you have questions or concerns about the new accent wall that replaces the mural, call Doug Gotcher at 544-7775 ext. 109.

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