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A Message from Kathy Creviston

Kathy Creviston Dear Brothers and Sisters of NWBC,

After much seeking and praying for guidance from God, I believe that He has revealed to me that it is time for me to pass the baton of leadership as the Director of Women’s Ministry. I am not leaving our church family, just stepping down from my position at the end of the summer and handing it off to our incredible Women’s Team.  I will be staying and working with this team (Jennifer Danhof, Susan Gray, and Nichole Patton) and our other leaders through August.

I believe I have had many confirmations from God, since making this decision, which I will share this Sunday in both services.  One big confirmation was when I recently found something I wrote at the beginning of 2013, titled: “My Longings, Desires, and Dreams for 2013,” with one entry being, “Prepare to pass the baton in 2-3 years.”  Wow!  Here I am, over 2 years later!  I had actually forgotten that I had written something that specific.  I believe that God has been preparing me for the past 3 years, to make this very difficult decision at this time.

Even though I believe this is the right decision, it is still very hard for me.  It is truly a step of faith for me, because God has graciously given me this indescribably wonderful gift and great honor to serve here, over the past 25 years, since we began our Women’s Ministry.  I have sincerely and deeply loved serving, leading, and sharing in your lives, my precious sisters.  My heart is joyful, yet sorrowful at the same time!

I am very confident that you, my sisters, will continue to generously offer your hearts and your hands, out of your sincere love for our Jesus.  I am also very confident that our Women’s Team and all our other servant leaders will give God-honoring oversight and leadership, as we move forward.   That brings inexpressible peace to my heart!

I offer abundant thanksgivings to our Heavenly Father for you, my beloved Brothers and Sisters.  I am looking forward to sharing the journey with you in the days ahead.

In Jesus’ Love, always,
Kathy Creviston

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