Pastor Jeff Thune

Jeff was born in Newport Beach, California, raised in Omaha, Nebraska, and attended college in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-St. Paul). He’s also lived in Vail (CO), Sioux Falls (SD), and Washington D.C. Although he grew up as a pastor’s kid (and somehow turned out relatively normal it seems), Jeff never had aspirations toward full-time ministry himself. But God had other plans, and eventually positioned him to lead, equip, and serve His church, all while convincing him that there is no greater undertaking to be apart of.

Jeff was a small college athlete, and still enjoys just about anything sports-related. He is also an avid reader, likes to explore new places, and cannot tolerate weak coffee or flavored creamer. He is smitten with his two little girls, and literally hugged the ultrasound technician when he found out that Micah was a boy.