to encourage the hearts of men

through surrender to the King of Kings,

the one and only who is capable to set us free.

Our freedom in Christ enables us

to truly be the men we are called

and designed to be;

as husbands, fathers, brothers,

and lights to this world.


Upcoming Men’s Ministry Events

Calling all grillers! We need 25 good men to bring 5-10 lbs. of your favorite meats, fish or veggies, along with your grill to the Spring Griller on April 28th. We start serving food at 4pm, so we’ll need to get started grilling at 3pm. Set up is in the west end of the parking lot in front of the Sanctuary. It will be a great time of camaraderie, great food, a great opportunity to welcome new people to our church, and a great time with are church family. 


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